Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Page Layout

These are a few of my faviourite layout designs that i have looked at. some of them i hope are obvious that i have Lindsey in mind, for those who know her anyway. im looking into quite playful layouts but kept simple and neat. its going to be tough i think but ill be dammed if this defeates me . . . well im going to try my best, page layout and typography are two things i really want to explore more so im finding this type and grid session really interesting.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

infomation pack final

Basically the pack is a sleeve that the whole thing gets sent out it, and you pull out the pack that contains a small mock up of the calendar that the charities write their evens on and send back to us, and there is also some information about what we are doing and why.

have to say i am so happy with this, i think both me and Heather are, we have done a brilliant job!

the calendar

After the presentations, we got paired with another group who changed out concept from a calendar to an infomation pack. The calendar would have been mid-year so we are now producing the pack to be sent out this year to local charities so that they can send us their events for each month!

ACTUAL woodblock type

Me and Heather went down to the print rooms this week and actually got some wood block letter press done, unfortunantly some of them went missing but we had just about enough to make up all the months.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Final proposal boards

These are our final proposal boards, and have to say think we did a damn good job of them.
the presentation went really well, most of the feedback that we got was positive and we got some really useful improvement ideas as well, everyone in the group seemed to understand and like the concept that we had come up with. so we are defiantly happy bunnies.

Here i have looked at the digital format of the dates and events that Heather had done. we wanted to see what they would look like together in the same resolution.
from the feedback that we have been given, people have been really positive about these so we are really confident that this idea will work.

My wooden block type

i have tried using found images of wooden type print to create some representations of what we would aim to achieve. these work really well as visual words. my aint was to make the months as the visual element to the calendars.

foam letter stamps

Me and Heather tried out her foam stamps today, we wrote out some words to use on out proposal boards and to test the technique to see if it was the effect we were wanting, and it was. although we got REALLY covered in ink it was good fun and we are both really pleased with these.

Wooden letter press

These are a few examples of wood block press, this is the tecinique we would like to use for the final calander.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Communication is a Virus

Me and Heather, one happy team.
We have chose to look at 'make people give more', we noted down some ideas and decided to look at Charities, its an obvious one but thee is a lot of potential there and is relevant to this day.
we are going to try and focus on informing people of the charity events that are one, rather than trying to make people give donations, we feel that people are not aware or don't have enough time to plan an even to plan to attend to one, therefore we are looking at calenders and diary's that could inform you of the dates of charity events.
These are a few example of calenders that are visually pleasing/

Final Hen fold

This is my final resolution for the 'how to' brief and I'm really pleased with it! although i would have like to have done more, I'm feel iv explored this one quite well, although not completely.

The blue ink i used layers much nicer on the cream stock to the white stock. i also added a blue boarder as when in folded the page layout need something to tie it all together.