Wednesday, 29 April 2009


This piece is from Catherine Stone, a lecture on the New Media course at Leeds University, this piece is about organising your thoughts, every time you think of one of the categories, 'Actual Future', 'Imagined Past' you colour in one of the shapes, and then you can see what your thought pattern has bee throughout the day, week, month.

This image is Julien Vallee this piece is very organised in terms of categorising in shape and placing them together in one shape

Alex Ostrowski a book shelf is there to help organise and help keep you books together and tidy

Dear Gretchen a graph that categorises things, it seperates things into something we can understand better.

Hopkins film festival 2003 i just like this idea of an interactive poster

And my room, a truly organised mess!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Speaking from Experience Proopoal

Our new brief is to design a graphic solution to a problem that we ourselves had in our first week as first years, that we can give, send, show to this years first years to be.
i came up with 5 main problems that i had:

1. Being in a strange new place
2. Forgetting peoples names
3. Being confident to talk to new people
4. Prioritising things like uni, jobs and friends
5. Organisation

Iv decided to solve, Organisation, as i was and still very unorganised with my materials and my room and my work and everything. I'm going to leave this quite open as I'm still not sure how to take this.

Problem: Being unorganised
What I'm going to do: I'm going to help them to be more organised
How I'm going to do this: I'm going to do this through paper based interactive design

Saturday, 25 April 2009

typographical exersise

This is Typographical exersise a book by Adeline Mollard, as we are looking at layout at the moment i thought this was a good example of mimemlist layout, very simple, neat and contained, and it works.

hello lindsey marshall

This is my first attempt at Lindseys article. i think its quite sucessfull in terms of using the grid but still not sure if its perfect for Lindsey!
But for a first attempt im impressed with myself