Monday, 18 May 2009

more organising

This was a design for a libuary designed by Kalman, this wall piece is objects simply stuck to the wall, i chose it because even though the items seem quite randomly placed there is still order to it but not it a very gridded up symetric way.

Still looking at different storage devices taht are out there, here there are round containers that fit into the draw where you can store all those small bits that get lost.

i think this is brilliant, taking the idea of shelves and inverting it! having iteems inside the walls but what i love most is that you have the shape of the items so you know where you can slot things into. the bins, the table and chairs, the lamps and the rest some of them also have little illustrations that act with the object when placed in the space, the hairdryer has an image of air blowing out of the end. This is such a beauitiful idea and works really well on the wood and a great way to keep a room looking tidy and spacious.

This is a pillowed seat cover that goes over your chair at work or home but it has the image of a chair printed into it. maybe making your normal office chair look and feel more comfy. i just like the idea of having an image of the chair, maybe showing what it could be. i was thinging of having images of the stationary in the moulds or in the boxes to show the place of everything.

This is an image i found that i thought was a simple way to display paper clips, putting them into a line using different colours.

For the boxes to fit into the draw they i need to condence the space and make sure they all sit nicely together. having different shape boxes makes it more difficult to organise.

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