Wednesday, 27 May 2009

New Boxes, Lids and Prints

Here are two of the boxes iv been experimenting with, you can see iv used the Lino print as detail to the lid of the box that will show the place of the items inside. Inside there will be set indents for each piece of equipment.

Although i think the yellow lino print worked well on this grey stock i have decided to stick with the 'Hairy Manila' card as it dose give a more crafty handmade feel and looks more recycled, even thought all the stocks i have used are recycled.
i looked at using the print on the inside of the box so that you can simple place your equipment in to the box.

I think the design on the top of the box is more sucessful as the audience can see waht is contained in the box before opening it, and so make the boxes more engadging.

The fixtures on the inside of the box will be made of corrigated cardboard layerd together to get deeper engraves. iv been experimemting with the lining of the box and weather to use the yellow card to cover the cardboard or leave it showing.

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